‘The Walking Dead’ Will Continue To Kill Zombies And Humans Alike For A 10th Season


The most unkillable show on television will be around for a 10th season, reports The Hollywood Reporter. The renewal came for AMC’s The Walking Dead, everyone’s favorite basic cable-friendly show about flesh-eating zombies and the people who shoot them in the head. The news came less than a week before the second half of its ninth season begins.

The decision also arrives a mere few months after its most beloved character/actor, Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, took off for parts unknown. (I.e., his own spin-off movie.) Despite this, the show has, we at Uproxx feel, rebounded in terms of quality. Moreover, it has a new shot in the arm in the form of the Whisperers, the creepy mask-wearing clan led by Oscar-nominee Samantha Morton.

On top of that, the Walking Dead franchise is expanding even more than it already has, with new big cheese Norman Reedus having signed a “franchise/universe” deal that keeps the Boondock Saints actor tethered to the Dead-verse for another three years. Meanwhile, Dead alum Steven Yeun has taken advantage of the acclaim he received for the South Korean chiller Burning by reuniting with show creator Robert Kirkman, albeit not for anything Dead-related.

So have no fear: The Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere. Now sit back and relax and wait for the forthcoming episode that features one of the most shocking bits from the comic.

(Via THR)