What Happened To The Real-Life Family In ‘The Watcher?’

The Watcher has put Ryan Murphy at the top of the Netflix charts for two shows, including Dahmer. Both shows are controversial, and in the case of The Watcher, this largely sources from the people’s frustrations at the lack of a solved crime in this based-on-real-life story. That’s to be expected. Even though this show is a dramatization and takes a lot of creative liberties, Ryan Murphy didn’t pull an answer on The Watcher’s identity out of thin air. He let the open-ended nature of the case stand, and nope, no one ever figured out who wrote those menacing letters to the Broaddus (renamed the Brannocks in the show) quartet.

What actually happened to the family, though? Following the 2018 article by The Cut about their cursed home, the parents found it difficult to sell the property, which they attempted to do eight months after their purchase and eventually did so at a loss as realtor David Barbosa revealed. A lot of publicity and whispering neighbors will do that to a house.

In the show, the family moves back to New York City, but in reality, the family briefly moved back in with family, and as The Cut also reports, the family seems to be alive and well, and they continued to make their home in Westfield, New Jersey. CNN points interested viewers toward Derek Brannock‘s Twitter account, where he’s watching people who are watching The Watcher. Circular! And fitting.

The Watcher is streaming on Netflix.

(Via The Cut, Entertainment Weekly & CNN)