Mike White Is Not Necessarily Opposed To A ‘The White Lotus’ Extended Universe

HBO’s new limited series, The White Lotus, might not be so limited after all. Ahead of the upcoming series finale, creator Mike White has confirmed that Season 2 talks have been happening, but if they do come to fruition, there would be some significant changes to the show’s satirical take on the wealthy.

While talking to TVLine, White revealed that if a season two happens (the situation is “unresolved” at the moment), he would almost definitely have to switch up most of the cast and the location. “It would have to be a different hotel, like, say, The White Lotus: San Tropez or something,” White said.

However, not all of the cast would be left behind if White pivots The White Lotus from a limited series to an anthology. While he doesn’t think it would be “credible” if the same vacationers were in the same place again, “but maybe it could be a Marvel universe type thing, where some of them would come back.”

Here’s the official synopsis for the limited series and/or its first season depending on how things shake out:

Among the employees at The White Lotus are the fastidious resort manager Armond, who, after a sudden trauma, begins a dramatic downward spiral – and the down-to-earth spa manager, Belinda who gets taken on an emotional roller coaster ride by a needy guest. The vacationers include the Mossbacher family – Nicole, a successful type-A exec, who can’t help but treat her family like disobedient employees; her husband, Mark, dealing with both an embarrassing health crisis and a terminal inferiority complex; their teenaged son, Quinn, a socially awkward gamer, experiencing the wonder of nature for the very first time; their daughter, Olivia, and her friend, Paula, sharp-tongued college sophomores who cast a sardonic eye on the lifestyles and belief systems of everyone around them.

The White Lotus airs new episodes on Sunday on HBO and HBO Max.

(Via TVLine)