Thomas Gibson Is Considering A Lawsuit Over His ‘Criminal Minds’ Dismissal

Go figure, after eleven seasons of hard work on a television show, all it takes is one on-set altercation and kicking a show’s writer to find yourself out of the job. At least that’s what happened to Thomas Gibson who was fired from Criminal Minds. Initially a suspension, on Friday it was made official that Criminal Minds had lost FBI special agent Aaron Hotchner thanks to the altercation.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, new evidence is emerging and Gibson has hired a legal team to look into a possible wrongful termination suit or something along those lines. Two weeks ago, after an argument between Gibson and writer-producer Virgil Williams escalated, Gibson kicked Williams in the shin, which is what led to his suspension, then dismissal.

There are swirling claims floating around, some insinuating that Gibson was merely defending himself from the boxing-trained Williams while others claim that Williams is a rather “non-aggressive presence on the set” and even walks around wearing a bow tie.

This isn’t Gibson’s first time in the hot seat, either, with him being forced to attend anger management after a 2010 incident on-location where he shoved a member of the crew, as well as numerous other rumored incidents involving verbal abuse of the cast and crew. If this turns into another Charlie Sheen lawsuit and Gibson walks away with cash is yet-to-be-seen, but that’s probably what his lawyers are looking into.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)