T.J. Miller Denies Bullying Accusations From A ‘Silicon Valley’ Guest Star


Last month, actress Alice Wetterlund spoke out about her time working with T.J. Miller on Silicon Valley, an experience she likened to a “nightmare.” She called The Emoji Movie star a “bully and petulant brat,” and that “pretty much everyone who had any power on that (almost all male) set, including the male cast members, enabled him and were complicit in his unprofessionalism.”

Miller, who left Silicon Valley following season four (“There are a lot of different ways you can find out somebody doesn’t want to do the show anymore,” creator Mike Judge said about his departure. “And it’s not fun to work with someone who doesn’t want to be there”), responded to the bullying accusations on SiriusXM’s Jim Norton & Sam Roberts show. “She may have had that experience,” he said, “but it’s people trying to enter the headlines and get into the media cycle. It was not my experience that anyone was bullying her or being mean to her.” Miller then claimed she was the difficult one to work with.

“Truthfully, I felt like it was difficult to work with her because she kept interrupting Zach Woods… during takes and even when she was off camera,” he said. “Obviously, there was some sort of disconnect because she’s saying these negative things about me and then attacking the mostly all-male cast of Silicon Valley.” Miller also blamed the internet for “turning the world into high school, where gossip is immediately true. There’s no court of law… any time you get into the he-said-she-said stuff, you get into a difficult grey area because there’s no proof either way but people love to bully and mob mentality is very easy to get into.”

Miller has also been accused of sexual assault and was arrested for calling in a false bomb threat against several women on a train in April.

(Via Variety)