T.J. Miller Has A Tragic Story About The Time He Tried To Dance With Paris Hilton

T.J. Miller is an agent of chaos. When he’s on live television, he spills water everywhere. When he’s at an award show, he stuffs his face with food, cusses a bunch, and acknowledges making eye contact with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. When he meets Elon Musk, he informs the Telsa CEO that he was in Best Picture snub Yogi Bear 3-D. And when he goes to his first glamorous California party, he tries to dance with Paris Hilton. It does not end well.

In an interview with Viceland, the Silicon Valley comedian recounts the time he went to a shindig thrown by former NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman. This was in 2007, years before Michael Bay screamed at Miller for not being funny, and he wasn’t so much nervous as he was baffled that the attendees were ignoring the caged white tiger outside the party. “That was almost weirder than the tiger,” Miller said, “how nonplussed Hollywood was by it.” Even weirder: being in the presence of Paris Hilton, “at the time, the poster child for the vapid, Hollywood superficiality, fame for no reason generation.” So of course Miller wanted to dance with the star of The Hottie and the Nottie.

Needless to say, this guy does not f*ck.