Tom Hanks Shares The Secrets Of Space With Leslie Jones In These Hilarious ‘SNL’ Promos

You’re in safe hands when Tom Hanks hosts Saturday Night Live. America’s premier charm machine is hosting the show for the first time since 2006 (were we ever so young?) and a new batch of promos featuring Hanks and Leslie Jones suggests that there will be no ring rust on the Oscar winner come Saturday.

So what do Jones and Hanks discuss when they engage in casual chat? Well, Jones has some questions for Hanks. Tough questions. Questions that demand answers.

Jones: Tom, what is outer space like?

Hanks: Leslie, I don’t know. I was just acting.

Jones: You need to tell me what outer space is like!

Hanks: Cold!

Jones: I knew it.

In under than 90 seconds, the two showcase first-rate chemistry and chat about love, secret garden hangouts and their escape route from the roof. If these two aren’t in a sketch or eight together, we may have to write an angry letter to Lorne Michaels, NBC and the Better Business Bureau.

In addition to having Hanks as host this weekend, Lady Gaga will be bringing her star power to the musical side of things. Could this usher in a Chet Haze surprise drop-in??? (No. No, it will not.)

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