Tommen From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Thought His Sex Scene With Natalie Dormer Was ‘Cheeky’

For Natalie Dormer, filming a sex scene on Game of Thrones with a then-16-year-old was “very awkward.” For the 16-year-old, Dean-Charles Chapman, who plays mama’s boy Tommen Baratheon (he’s 18 now), it was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him. Okay, that’s not exactly what the actor said during a recent Thrones event, but he might as well have.

When asked about the scene:

“I wasn’t expecting that and [showrunners] David Benioff and Dan Weiss as a joke came up to me and told me, ‘Oh, we’ve done you a favor, we’ve written you in a cheeky little sex scene’ and I was like, ‘Cheers.’ That was the last thing I was expecting… It’s not awkward, it might look awkward on screen because of the age difference but it’s pretend, it’s all pretend… We’re actors, Natalie’s a lovely person; she made me feel unbelievably comfortable. Hopefully she was comfortable with me. But the sex scene and stuff, it all ran smoothly… It’s a normal day.”

When asked what it’s like to play a character who’s younger than he is (Tommen is barely a teenager), Chapman responded, “That was the hardest thing for me,” presumably with the biggest wink in his life.

(Via IBT)