Top Ten: The Worst Characters on the Best TV Shows

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12.13.10 81 Comments

From time to time, it’s good to get a different opinion on television. Here’s Josh Kurp, a freelance writer whose work has appeared on Nerve and Splitsider.

Sunday marked the season five finale of “Dexter,” and while it hasn’t been as consistent as the Trinity arc last year, it’s been a relatively strong season—except for one character, one character so bad that she has inspired a list of the worst characters on the best shows. These are the people who ruin otherwise great television, the ones that you immediately make you want to kill yourself when you see them on screen.

These rankings are first based off how great the show is, then ordered by how crappy the character is. And, with all due respect to Alex Krycek (“The X-Files”), Janice Soprano (“The Sopranos”), Tara Maclay (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), and Ziggy Sobotka (“The Wire”), we’re only including shows that are still on the air. But don’t worry, those four are all as equally awful as the choices below, if not more so in the case of Ziggy. F*ckin’ Ziggy.


#10. Kenneth Parcell from “30 Rock”

We get it, you’re inbred. It’s been five seasons of the same joke, and not a funny joke like Tracy Jordan playing Tracy Morgan (or is it the other way around?). Not even father-pigs can save you at this point.

#9. Angela Darmody from “Boardwalk Empire”

A decent barometer of figuring out a character’s importance to the story is thinking about what would happen if they never existed. If Jimmy hadn’t gotten Angela pregnant before he went off to war and they just simply drifted away, would “Boardwalk Empire” be any less of a quality show? Sure, a scene or two of lesbianism would be missed, but on the plus side, the viewers wouldn’t subjected to boring scenes about painting and Paris, or both at the same time. Also an acceptable answer: Jimmy’s mom, because that relationship is f*cked up.

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