Tracy Morgan Still Thinks His Former ’30 Rock’ Co-Star Jack McBrayer’s Real Name Is ‘Kenneth’

“Last Lunch,” the series finale of NBC’s ever fantastic 30 Rock, aired just over four years ago. To commemorate the occasion, Kenneth the NBC Page himself — otherwise known as actor Jack McBrayer — appeared on Monday’s Conan to reminisce with former network colleague Conan O’Brien. It turns out Jack Donaghy‘s (Alec Baldwin) popular joke about Kenneth’s being worth $7 (or $5 after a few years’ worth of depreciation) still rings true, as one of McBrayer’s former co-stars apparently cannot seem to remember his actual name outside the show.

“Do you miss Tracy Morgan being a regular part of your life?” O’Brien asked. McBrayer said he did, which prompted a short bit about calling Morgan on his birthday: “I called Tracy on his birthday back in November. I was like, ‘Hey Tracy, it’s me. Happy birthday!’ ‘Yo Kenneth, I just gotta say man… I love you. Thank you for this!’ And I was like, ‘Oh my name is Jack.'”

As talk show-y as McBrayer’s bit was, it will undoubtedly ring true for longtime fans of Tracy Jordan Morgan. After all, this is the same man who made Ice Cube fall all over himself laughing with jokes about how much money he made off of Walmart following his devastating car accident in 2014. Plus it gave McBrayer license to brandish his Morgan impression, which wasn’t too shabby, so that’s nice.