Tracy Morgan Talks His Near-Fatal Accident And Returning From ‘Hell’ With ‘Love And Forgiveness’

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Tracy Morgan is full of love for everybody right now, even those connected to the fatal crash that changed the course of his life. He said as much during his appearance at Vulture Festival on Saturday, ahead of his surprise appearance on SNL alongside his former 30 Rock co-star Tina Fey. While speaking with Matt Zoller Seitz, Morgan talked about the accident and how it is clear to him — and should be to everybody else — that he shouldn’t have walked away from it.

The crash killed Morgan’s friend James McNair and left many fearful for Morgan’s health going forward. But as he tells the crowd on Saturday, he was compelled to come back for his wife, daughter, and to bring something back with him according to Vulture:

“I had to come back to y’all. I fought hard. I fought. All of us did. I went through hell. You’re going through hell right now? Go through hell. Just don’t come back with empty hands. I came back with a lot of love and forgiveness. The hardest part about my f*cking accident was forgiving that f*cking driver.”

The emotional appearance shows a side of Morgan we’ve only seen a few time since the crash, sharing some heartfelt moments with his wife and thanking viewers for helping make The Last O.G. a hit for TBS and giving it a second season. His return to the spotlight following the crash has been an emotional journey for all involved, but seeing that Morgan is grabbing success and making the most of what he believes is a second chance is great.

(Via Vulture)