A Trailer For The Canceled ‘Tremors’ TV Show Has Surfaced And It Looks Like The Sequel The Original Deserved

It’s been 28 years since Tremors graced the world with a shockingly violent PG-13 movie that even snuck in an F-word. In that time, we’ve seen five direct-to-video sequels of varying quality, and a persistent, cult fascination of the subterranean “graboids” which are possible descendants of the giant space worm the Millennium Falcon flew out of in Empire Strikes Back.

That led to a revival of sorts with SyFy ordering a Tremors TV pilot that would erase the five sequels and instead put Kevin Bacon back into center frame as Valentine McKee, the blue jeans and undershirt-wearin’ bad boy who helped save the day almost three decades ago.

Sadly, even though the pilot was directed by Cube, Westwood, and Hannibal‘s Vincenzo Natali, the show wasn’t put to order, and now here we are, with a single trailer to dissect and consider. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Granted, there’s a reason why the show wasn’t picked up for a full run out there, but from the looks of this trailer, it looks like a tense and goofy time. Just like the original.

This is enough of a nostalgia blast that it’s worth going back to the original trailer, with the original trailer Voice Guy talking over a bunch of clips that are very much spoilers. Trailers have come so far.

(Via Slashfilm)