Trevor Noah Thinks The Right Stuff, The New Conservative Dating App, Will Be A Great Way To Meet FBI Agents

On January 6, 2021, an estimated 2,000 rioters stormed the Capitol — less than half of whom have been identified and/or charged. If the FBI is looking for an easy way to identify the remaining insurrectionists, Trevor Noah has an idea: create a dating profile on The Right Stuff.

Over the weekend, the Peter Thiel-backed dating app for conservatives launched, and has since become the butt of many (many, many) jokes. On Monday, The Daily Show host joined in when he took a moment to talk about dating apps, or what he describes as “the quickest and most convenient way to meet a few dozen psychopaths.”

The Right Stuff, however, is different: It was founded by Daniel Huff and John McEntee, a pair of former Trump staffers who claim that being associated with the 45th president has been reason enough for more than one woman to get up and leave in the middle of a date. While Noah isn’t sure he’s buying that, he’s happy to hear that The Right Stuff will change all that for these narrow-minded singles. Because “once people started signing up, it was immediately clear that this isn’t like other dating apps,” Noah said. As he explained:

[T]here are prompts for things like Favorite Bible Verse. Well, that’s fine. Favorite Conservative Pundit — huh. And: January 6th Was… blank? Yeah, so good luck out there all you conservatives hoping to match with that special FBI agent monitoring the site.

You can watch the full clip above, including the promo for The Daily Show‘s new app — Hate F**k.