‘True Detective’ Has Already Found A Fan Favorite Character


After the first few episodes of True Detective, the obsession that viewers had for the first season have fully returned for the third season of the HBO series. Stephen Dorff and, especially, Mahershala Ali are absolutely killing it, and the mystery surrounding the murder of Will Purcell and the disappearance of Julie Purcell have been so captivating that viewers have been willing to forgive all the echoes of season one in this third season.

Of course, this being True Detective, even this early in the game, there have been no shortage of theories surrounding the murder and disappearance. The teenage boys who seem to be inspired by the West Memphis Three have already been suspected and largely dismissed, Cousin Dan has been raised as a possibility, and even Purple Hays’ wife, Amelia, has been considered as a potential suspect in the death of Will Purcell.

Viewers are all over the place where it concerns the potential murderer. However, one thing everyone can agree with is that the fox from episode one is adorable.


Look at it! Look at those sad eyes, as Dorff’s Roland West trains his pistol on him! Fans are completely smitten.

That Fox is a mood.

We may not yet know who the killer is, but one thing we do know is that, if the fox dies, we riot!

Oh, Julie definitely knew who the killer was. Maybe she’s been trying to tell us the whole time.


And if the fox didn’t murder Will, maybe it knows who did.

Or maybe, the fox is just a sly callback to this bar in season one.


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