Laurie Metcalf Clarifies The Role The Trump Presidency Will Play On The ‘Roseanne’ Revival

01.25.18 4 months ago 8 Comments

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At the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this month, Roseanne Barr stirred both concern and excitement about the revival of Roseanne by admitting that her character — like Barr herself — would be playing a Trump supporter on the series. She noted that it was “working-class people who elected” Donald Trump as president, so to have Roseanne play a Trump supporter seemed “realistic.”

Not everyone was enthusiastic about this development, though showrunner Bruce Helford noted that the show did not have a political agenda. However, the revival’s co-showrunner, Whitney Cummings, defended the decision to adapt Roseanne for the Trump era, telling Vulture that viewers would invariably be “nettled” by something on the show:

It’s not that our goal was specifically to piss anyone off, but the Roseanne writers have a commitment to the truth that I have not seen on other network shows. There’s no agenda, no judgment of the characters, just a deep devotion to the Conners’ fiscal and emotional reality. That, and a bravery around incendiary, progressive-themed stories.

Cummings also suggested that she’d get “arrested” if she revealed the plot of any of the episodes, but Laurie Metcalf — who plays Roseanne’s sister, Jackie Harris — shared one Trump-related detail about the upcoming series on this week’s WTF with Marc Maron. While Metcalf conceded that Roseanne is a Trump supporter on the show, she doesn’t know the political affiliation of any of the other characters except her own, because the show doesn’t get into the other characters’ politics.

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