‘Twin Peaks’ Fans Will Be Able To Get The Full Diner Experience Thanks To A Pop-Up Event At SXSW

The town of Twin Peaks will descend upon Austin at this year’s SXSW, bringing all the weirdness and delicious pie right along with it. The event is being called an “immersive experience” according to TV Insider and will feature an appearance by star Kyle MacLachlan, music inspired by the show, merchandise for sale, a photo booth, and best of all, a pop-up version of the Double R Diner from the show:

“Showtime is giving fans the opportunity to stop by the Double R Diner pop-up shop, offering a limited quantity of local Austin treats, including free High Brew Coffee and Tiny Pies cherry pie. The Double R Diner will open its doors at noon on March 16. Additionally, Voodoo Doughnut is creating a limited collection of Twin Peaks-inspired doughnuts,”

The event will occur at the Showtime House from March 16-17, “adjacent to Clive Bar on Rainey Street” according to TV Insider. It precedes the premiere of the 18-part limited series on Showtime on May 21st, picking up 25 years after the conclusion of the original series in 1991. The teasers for the show are hinting at the return of some mystery, even pointing to the death of Laura Palmer that was supposedly solved back in the middle of season two. Plenty of odd twists occurred after that, so there’s plenty to anticipate once the show returns.

Until then, head down to SXSW and do a little dance in the diner and enjoy yourself a fine slice of cherry pie.

(Via TV Insider)