The First Reactions To The ‘Twin Peaks’ Premiere Are In And People Seem Delightfully Puzzled

Features Writer


So, you may have heard that Twin Peaks is back. After some vague and creepy teasers, the cult hit returns for a limited series on Sunday evening on Showtime. Despite only running for two seasons in the very early ’90s, the enduring appeal of the eerie drama has never waned. Decades later, people are still obsessed with who killed Laura Palmer.

When auteur David Lynch revealed that he would be bringing Twin Peaks back for a limited series on Showtime, it was immediately clear that fans were ready to obsess over the surreal show once again. While many debated whether or not bringing it back was the best idea, the general consensus was that they would be watching. Now that the first episode has aired, fans have gotten yet another sip of that damn fine cup of coffee. And how did it go down? It’s safe to say that people are pleased and freaked out to be back in this strange, atmospheric world.

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