The Cast Of ‘Veep’ Reveal The Most Hurtful Insults They’ve Been Called On The Show

More than anything else, HBO’s hit comedy Veep (now renewed for its seventh season!) is known for its hilarious and biting insults, from which virtually no character on the series is safe. But you’d have to think, as Conan pointed out with most of the cast in attendance on Thursday night, that eventually — as an actor playing those characters — those insults would start to actually hurt, especially when they’re often based on physical attributes.

He wasn’t wrong! Sam Richardson, who plays Richard Splett, immediately admitted that it got to him when Anna Chlumsky called his character a “Paddington Bear-looking f*ck.” “The sad thing is when it’s not even scripted,” Tony Hale added. “I remember when Reid just threw out, he’s just like, ‘hey cow eyes.’ I’m like, ‘easy, this isn’t even in the script, people.'”

When asked if anything bothered her, Chlumsky said that “beefy blonde” was particularly hurtful, especially considering the fact that she was still breastfeeding at the time. (Ouch.) But of course, no one on Veep has it as bad as Timothy Simons, who couldn’t even be there to defend himself when the cast delved into some of their favorite insults hurled at Jonah Ryan, such as a “Frankenstein monster if Frankenstein was made entirely out of dead dicks.”