Julia Louis-Dreyfus Goes On A Final Rampage In The ‘Veep’ Season 7 Trailer

If President Donald Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum about Saturday Night Live is any indication, modern American politics won’t be leaving “la la land” anytime soon. Thankfully, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the rest of the creative team at HBO’s Veep is set to return for a seventh and final season next month. And while the latest misadventures of Selina Meyer (Louis-Dreyfus) are by no means quite the same as Trump’s incalculable insanity, at least Veep and its new trailer will give us the chance to laugh for a bit.

In the first trailer for the hit comedy series’ final season, Meyer is surrounding herself with allies new and old in order to mount her 2020 presidential campaign. Meanwhile, former staffer turned political competitor Jonah Ryan is also trying to drum up support for his own 2020 presidential campaign — even if it means courting the votes of anti-vaxxers who are proud of their stance against basic (and necessary) medical practices.

But through it all, Meyer is still the same funny, biting and occasionally clueless politico that Veep fans have come to know and love. “I was a gamechanger, I took a dump on the glass ceiling and I shaved my muff in the sink of the old boy’s club,” she declares to her assistant Gary Walsh (Tony Hale) as he willingly types it all out. “Do you want me to read that back?” he asks her. “No,” she corrects him. “We can’t use any of it.”

The final season of Veep premieres Sunday, March 31st on HBO.