Bill Murray Gives Danny McBride And Walton Goggins Advice In The New ‘Vice Principals’ Trailer

This might be the best season of Game of Thrones yet, and Silicon Valley and Veep are as excellent as ever. But there’s a good reason to look forward to the finales for all three HBO shows: Vice Principals. Thrones, Silicon, and Veep are gone on June 26, Vice Principals enters our lives on July 17. What are you going to do in-between? I dunno, watch Eastbound and Down again?

In case you missed our summer TV preview, Vice Principals, created by Danny McBride and Jody Hill, stars McBride and Justified‘s smooth-talking Walton Goggins as warring vice principals who want to be the head honcho after Principal Bill Murray resigns. Oh yeah, Bill Murray’s on the show, too, as is Freaks and Geeks‘ Busy Philipps and Boardwalk Empire‘s Shea Whigham. In the just-released trailer above, Murray instructs Neal (McBride) and Lee (Goggins) to remember one thing: “It’s all about the students. It’s not about you two.”

Cut to Neal and Lee sniping and acting like man-children (or, an impeccably dressed man-child, in Goggins’ case) when they learn the position’s been filled. They begrudgingly team up, and their unwarranted retribution against the new principal involves sheep masks, dirt bikes, and Beach Boys songs.

It’s the perfect summer show.