Vince Vaughn’s Steely Gaze Destroys Jimmy Fallon In A Tense Game Of Box Of Lies

Vince Vaughn isn’t for everybody. While he’s starred in some classic movies like Swingers and Wedding Crashers, he’s had a rough go of transitioning his career from lovable, fast-talking goof to more serious roles. You need to look no further than True Detective season two to see evidence of this. But to say the man can’t act is just plain wrong. Laurence Olivier said, “what is acting but lying, and what is good lying but convincing lying?” If lying is the litmus test, then Vince Vaughn can act with the best of them. And in this battle in which he must deceive Jimmy Fallon, VV is king.

The game is “Box of Lies,” and the rules are simple. Two competitors sit across from each other, blocked so they can only see each other’s face. They pick a random box, open it without the other seeing, then the opposing player must guess whether the item their opponent is describing is real, or a lie. It’s kind of like Indian Poker/Blind Man’s Bluff meets Machiavelli… on the playground.

The big takeaway from this Tonight Show segment is that you’d want Vince Vaughn in your corner if the sh*t went down and you needed to lie your way out of a serious question. The other big takeaway is that you probably would want to play poker against Jimmy Fallon.

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)