King Viserys’ Dying Days Took A Legit Toll On Paddy Considine’s Own Health While Filming ‘House Of The Dragon’

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association rolled out the Golden Globes nominations on Monday, and let’s just say that they limited their audience for the ceremony. House of the Dragon scored a nomination in the Best Drama series category, which wasn’t too terribly surprising. The acting categories were altogether a different matter for the show with only Emma D’Arcy receiving a nod for their portrayal of Rhaenyra Targaryen. Yet Matt Smith somehow got snubbed following his well-received take on Prince Daemon, and (arguably) even more egregiously, Paddy Considine didn’t receive the proper recognition for giving us a King Viserys to adore, even though he didn’t do so hot at minding his kingdom and rotted away before our very eyes.

Viserys’ final episode almost hurt to watch, despite it being a great episode, due to the patriarch suffering so much in his final days. Yes, it’s true that he’d been ailing for decades, but his final deterioration was a shocking sight and one that Considine said was a manifestation of being a living corpse in progress since he greenlit Queen Aemma’s death. As Considine recently revealed to Insider, he also physically suffered (while shooting) due to uttering those labored breaths, which eventually caused his own oxygen to dangerously drop:

“I was lying in that bed for hours and hours and doing that kind of breathing. The strange thing that happens is you think you’re just acting [but] what happened when I was breathing that way was after a few hours my oxygen levels went straight down.”

He continued: “I had my levels measured and they said, ‘We’ve got to get out of here, you need to get outside.’… So I actually felt like I was dying, which was fun.”

All of that pain didn’t seem to register with the HFPA, who found nominee material in Jeff Bridges (The Old Man), Kevin Costner (Yellowstone), Diego Luna (Andor), and Adam Scott (Severance). As well, Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul) suffered a heart attack while on set and fortunately survived, although this obviously had nothing to do with playing the showman lawyer. Paddy, though, went through the paces for his role, and you can read more here about how he threw out his own knee during the throne-room scene.

RIP, Viserys. Paddy will surely see recognition from the Emmys, and he’ll forever be a nominee in the hearts of HotD viewers.

(Via Insider)