Watch James Franco Pet the Monkey

07.01.10 8 years ago 6 Comments

James Franco is continuing his career of weird, off-putting performance art with his return to “General Hospital,” in which he plays the artist/serial killer Franco. New York Mag’s Vulture blog recaps his performance:

Posing as a homeless man, Franco, his face hidden by a hoodie, engaged in murder-laden double entendres with Port Charles’s resident brassy lawyer… Asking the lawyer if she would like to be entertained, he digs into his coat and pulls out a … musical toy monkey! “Thinking about getting a real one,” he tells the lawyer, before petting the monkey’s head very, very slowly.

The episode closes out with Franco having made his way to Jason Morgan’s lobby. Jason, a mob hit man, is the object of Franco’s obsession, and he has recently been released from jail to act as a lure to Franco. “A famous mobster lives here. They say he lives in the penthouse. They say he’s killed people up there. Is that true?” Franco asks lazily, before removing his hoodie and flashing his best beatific, deranged smile.

The more I see of Franco, the less I think that he’s a real actor. What he calls “acting” most other people would call “getting really, really stoned.” Which I can respect. Heavy drug use is actually a more noble profession him acting.

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