Watch Jason Sudeikis’ ‘Juggling Flyer’ Sketch Get A Second Chance On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

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11.26.14 4 Comments

Lately, it feels like there have been a ton of amazing sketches like “Tweet” and “Kids” that have been cut from Saturday Night Live. Thankfully those sketches have found a second chance online, but for every “Def Jam Ted Talks” there are several sketches that die quietly in the corner, and that’s to say nothing of the hundreds of sketches that perished before a viral video burn off was an option.

Last May, Seth Meyers sought to rescue some of those sketches from comedy purgatory with Second Chance Theater on Late Night. The first one was Will Forte’s “Jenjamin Franklin,” but before that, Meyers and former Saturday Night Live castmate Jason Sudeikis went into vivid detail about Sudeikis’ “Juggling Flyer” sketch before committing to bring it to life at some point. The end result did not disappoint.

Weighing in at 11 and a half minutes, “Juggling Flyer” is the Cleopatra of kiboshed sketches, but while the silly and slightly heartbreaking premise is strong, it’s actually the off-script riffing between Sudeikis and Late Night writer/former 30 Rock cast member John Lutz that might be the best part.

Here’s hoping that Meyers does more Second Chance Theater and that he branches out beyond his era on Saturday Night Live. I’m sure Joe Piscopo has a “Frank Sinatra goes to the water park” sketch that’s burning a hole in his pocket.

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