‘Wednesday’ (And Jenna Ortega’s Influence) Has Led To An Increase In Tourism In Romania

Wednesday is not only one of Netflix’s biggest shows ever. The Tim Burton-directed series also led to an overdue surge in popularity for The Cramps and Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” and an increase in tourism activity for Romania, where filming took place.

Jenna Ortega and her influence can be felt all over the globe:

Scenes in the ghost town of Jericho and the Nevermore Academy were filmed on sets in the Buftea studios in Romania, near Bucharest, which are now open to tours… [A] tour operator reportedly estimated a 55 per cent increase in hotel occupancy around Bucharest since Wednesday aired.

Flavian Dobre, who worked on Wednesday and now gives tours of where the gothic show was filmed, told Euronews (via NME), “It was a hefty production, that took over eight months to film, and involved beautiful people: people who have revived, who gave precedence to Romanian cinema and made everything happen here at the Buftea Studios, a place that has a very strong emotional, cinematic and cultural charge.”

Wikipedia tells me that other projects shot at Buftea Studios include the JCVD thriller Assassination Games and Sand Serpents, which I want to watch immediately. Maybe there’s where the Ortega-starring Jules et Jim remake can be filmed?

(Via NME)