Kate McKinnon’s Laura Ingraham Stops By ‘Weekend Update’ To Brag About Some Weird New Sponsors

Things are looking pretty grim for Laura Ingraham.

After mocking Parkland shooting survivor and teen activist David Hogg on her show, the Fox News host learned first-hand why it’s not smart to go up against some social-media savvy youths. After Hogg urged his followers to call sponsors of Ingraham’s show to demand they pull their support of the host, advertisers began dropping like flies. She’s lost a total of 27 companies buying ads on her show so far, which has pushed the in-over-her-head conservative to scrape the bottom of the barrel for extra cash.

Enter Kate McKinnon, who played a cool and collected Ingraham stopping by Weekend Update after her planned vacation. McKinnon’s Ingraham was there to promote her new sponsors and, well, they’re weird. First, there’s Carl’s Sr., the people that take your left-over Carl’s Jr. meal, grind it up into mush, and feed it to senior citizens. Then, because Ingraham is a second amendment die-hard (she also believes in the first amendment, which is her right to bully people without being bullied in return), there’s Lady Bump Stock, the lightweight bump stock for the more delicate hand. However, the real winner in this ragtag bunch is Malaysian Airlines, for those caught in a scandal who just need an escape.

Still, the reality of Ingraham’s situation — that a grown woman with the backing of one of the most powerful media companies in the country is frantically back-peddling because a teenager took her to task on Twitter — is the really funny bit in all of this.

(Via SNL)