Watching Donald Trump Jr. Teach Eric Trump About Fun Dip Is The Moment Of The Night On ‘SNL’

While the segment itself wasn’t much outside of the typical Don Jr. and Eric stuff we’ve seen from time to time on SNL, Mikey Day and Alex Moffat deliver a moment that truly captures what we’ve seen them try to transmit about the brothers since their father was elected president. All it took was some Halloween candy, a package of Fun Dip, and the realization that this world does feature some joy at times.

The moment when Don Jr. teaches Eric that Fun Dip is supposed to be dipped in the sugar and then eaten is like watching the monkeys from 2001 discover tools. Things just click and you can see Moffat brings Eric’s brain to life in order to dive in deeper for more sugary goodness and probably disassemble one of his cars in order to find out what makes it go fast.

It’s just a simple moment that works thanks to both Day and Moffat playing their roles to perfection. It almost seems like they could easily be stand-ins for Trump on the show if it ever wants to get away from the constant grind of having Baldwin’s Trump slobber his way through the cold opens. Put these two in a series of misadventures and watch the season take off.

(Via SNL)