The Most Important Questions Heading Into The ‘Westworld’ Season One Finale

There are, if we estimate it conservatively, somewhere in the neighborhood of 79446808357 open questions as we head into the Westworld season one finale. The producers claim that all of them — or at least almost all of them — will be answered in the 90-minute episode, but they’re kind of cheating because they’re the ones who get to make up the answers. Me? I don’t have the answers, which would make attempting to answer all 79446808357 of them both something that would take very long and something that would be impossible. I am not going to even try. Sisyphus, I am not.

So, instead of doing that, let’s just look at 10 of the biggies. Some of which will not really be biggies, but things are decidedly smaller but have just been bugging me. Westworld is a weird show, man. Let’s dig in.