10.23.09 9 years ago 6 Comments

The other day some news lady mistakenly called Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton. As live news bloopers go, it was pretty lame: there was no accidental swear word or or sexual innuendo or giant seagull. I mean, it’s definitely an insult to Jackson, who can be an annoying blowhard but isn’t quite the annoying blowhard that Sharpton is. But still: lame.

AND THEN. Someone done gone and added Keyboard Cat. And Keyboard Cat spices up a party like no animal since Spuds McKenzie. I love Keyboard Cat. It breaks my heart that there are people starving and dying of AIDS in Africa who’ve never had the simple pleasure of Keyboard Cat. I should really send them something to help out their dire predicament. Like a link to this URL. What, they don’t have email? Pfff, never mind.

(thanks Amanda and Scott!)

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