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30 Rock (NBC) — Elizabeth Banks guest stars as a love interest for Jack; Jon Bon Jovi appears as himself; and — if I have my episodes right — Jason Sudeikis and Jon Hamm make an appearance when Liz bumps into old flames at the dentist.

Parks and Recreation (NBC) — Dude, John Larroquette guest stars tonight. It probably goes without saying that Dan Fielding from “Night Court” was a key figure in my development as a youth. Hence the casual sexism, sweet tits.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains (CBS) — If I cared at all about the world of “Survivor,” then this all-star cast (I use the term loosely) would definitely be a compelling reason to watch.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) — Yahoo: “When a popular romantic restaurant’s roof collapses on Valentine’s Day, dozens of couples out celebrating are injured and brought to Seattle Grace.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Vampire Diaries (CW) — Have you ever crapped blood? I call that vampire diarrhea.

American Chopper (TLC) — Season finale. So, can anyone hear or see the word “chopper” without thinking “GET TO DA CHOPPA”? Okay, good. I was afraid I was the only one who did it every time.

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