What’s On Tonight: Channing Tatum Is A Profane George Washington In Netflix’s ‘America: The Motion Picture’

America: The Motion Picture (Netflix film) — Channing Tatum voices a very profane (and buff) George Washington in this series that’s directed by Archer‘s Matt Thompson and produced by The Mitchells vs. the Machines‘ Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Washington declares that he wants to “start a f*cking revolution,” and he’s accompanied by a beer-guzzling Sam Adams, an angry Geronimo, Paul Revere, and Thomas Edison as they decide to take on Benedict Arnold and King James. In the synopsis, Netflix promises, “[T]hese are not your father’s Founding… uh, Fathers.”

Loki: Episode 4 (Disney+ series, releasing in the wee hours of Wednesday morning) — Tom Hiddleston has an absolute blast playing the mercurial trickster of the MCU, and we shall reap the benefits while he helps (or hinders) the Time Variance Authority during the process of cleaning up the timeline. This week, the show will follow up on Sophia Di Martino’s “Variant” character teaming up with Loki, after the series inserted a significant detail into canon while appearing to also confirm a theory about the TVA.

Somos. (Netflix series) — This series recreates stories that are inspired by the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ginger Thompson. She dug into a small down called Allende during a period that’s rocked by a massacre, which was sparked by a drug war and a DEA operation that did not go as planned.

Prime Time (Netflix film) — The time is 1999, and the occasion is New Year’s Eve. A 20-year-old man takes hostages after entering a TV studio. The man doesn’t know his plan, nor does anyone else, although he has a message that’s interrupted by police, and as he waits it out, he apparently bonds with his hostages. Hmm.

D.C.’s Legends Of Tomorrow (CW, 8:00pm) — The gang is back together while Nate must do his best to keep everyone and everything levelheaded during a mission to locate an alien in the Old West.

Batwoman (CW, 9:00pm) — The season finale sees Ryan Wilder attempting to figure out whether she’s truly meant to be the city’s her. Meanwhile, she just join forces with Luke, Mary, and Sophie after Black Mask runs amuck and causes chaos.

Crime Scene Kitchen (FOX, 9:00pm) — Joel McHale’s the host of this bizarro cooking-focused reality-competition show, which sees chef teams attempt to figure out what was baked after a dessert disappears, leaving only ingredients in the aftermath. McHale is one of the best famous-types at the art of the interview, and I’ll stand by that claim.

In case you missed this pick from last week:

Too Hot To Handle: Season 2 (Netflix series) — This frustratingly horny dating show’s all about figuring out whether any of the sexy singles can withstand the no-kissing and no-heavy-petting and no-masturbation rules of the house. It’s somehow sexy but not-sexy at the same time, and the show’s inspired by a Seinfeld episode, in which Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer all tried super-hard to withstand the urge to self-pleasure themselves. I dunno, man. Questions of proof abound, but people sure are entertained by this Netflix show.