What’s On Tonight: The ‘Person Of Interest’ Series Finale And A ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season Premiere

Person Of Interest (CBS, 10 p.m.) — It’s finally time to say goodbye. Tonight’s series finale sees Finch, Reese, Fusco and Shaw trying once and for all to stop Samaritan from destroying the Machine and strengthening its grip on humankind.

Pretty Little Liars (Freeform, 8 p.m.) — Here we go again. Season seven kicks off as the girls race to save Hannah who has been abducted by Uber A — because the letter “A” just isn’t scary enough, it needs a modifier to accurately convey the psychotic killer tendencies of this show’s main villain. In order to save Hans, the group must give up info on Charlotte’s real murderer.

America’s Got Talent (NBC, 8 p.m.) — The auditions continue. Question: Do the judges have a set number of times they can press that golden buzzer? Because it’s been hit a lot this season.

Hotel Hell (Fox, 8 p.m.) — Gordon helps an ice cream shop in Washington that’s been receiving push back from local townsfolk.

Animal Kingdom (TNT, 9 p.m.) — Baz and Craig revisit some old associates in Mexico as Pope, desperate for cash, recruits Deran and J for a job without Smurf’s knowledge.

Containment (CW, 9 p.m.) — While Leo draws closer to discovering who’s responsible for the outbreak, Lex and Dr. Lommers find themselves helpless to stop a mounting rebellion after the pair are severed from the chain of command.

Coupled (Fox, 9 p.m.) — A new bachelor spells competition for the remaining ladies who, apparently, are taking this whole reality dating thing very seriously.

Uncle Buck (ABC, 9/9:30 p.m.) — In the first part of this combined episode, Buck’s first day on nanny duty sees him negotiating with a cranky principal, hunting down some gluten-free cupcakes and staging a small break-in for special dog food. Later, Alexis forces the kids to compete in a lip sync battle while Will deals with the fact that all of his co-workers like Buck better than they like him.