What’s on Tonight: Scream Awards

10.19.10 8 years ago 12 Comments

Scream 2010 (Spike) — A taped version of the horror/sci-fi/comics awards show. Because they don’t give out trophies at Comic-Con. And yes: Alison Brie was there to promote Scream 4. Thank you for asking.

Dirty Jobs (Discovery) — Season premiere. Mike takes care of exotic animals. By now we’re just getting repeated variants of the same shows. I guess we’re lucky there are so many different jobs that involve shoveling poo.

Sons of Anarchy (FX) — Hurry up and get to Ireland already!

Teen Mom (MTV) — Wait, I thought we had the season finale last week? Oh God, it’s the episode where they sit down with Dr. Drew and talk about the season. I f*ckin’ hate these episodes.

Running Wilde (Fox) — My weekly endorsement to watch this just because it’s Will Arnett, and it won’t be on TV much longer.

Millionaire Matchmaker (Bravo) — Season premiere. I had a conversation with some racist people who were saying that Patti Stanger is ugly because she’s Jewish. That’s not true: she’s ugly because she’s a terrible, annoying person with no redeeming qualities inside or out. And also her big Jew nose.

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