What’s On Tonight: ‘Snowpiercer’ Gets Even More Confrontational, And ‘The Crew’ Takes Some Speedy Laps

Snowpiercer (TNT, 9:00pm) — The Big Alice crew is onboard, and they’re not going anywhere. It’s up to Layton and Wilford to duke out their different perspectives on how to handle the consolidation. This season’s introduction of Sean Bean caused the series to gain momentum, so the time is still right to catch up on this ride.

The Crew (Netflix series) — Kevin James has his own Netflix show, y’all. He plays a NASCAR crew chief who must step up when the owner steps down. James must resist all efforts to “modernize” his team, and there are members of The King Of Queens and Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 production teams behind this show, so all those Kevin James followers out there will know the drill.

9-1-1 (FOX, 8:00pm) — Maddie’s painful family secret and Buck’s childhood issues threaten to topple the rescue mission for to save people trapped in a five-alarm factory fire.

9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX, 9:00pm) — Next up on the Rob Lowe-starring spinoff, Grace and Carlos respond to a difficult domestic violence call while Judd is surprised during an emergency call.

30 Coins (HBO, 9:00pm) — Biblical demons fill the Season 1 finale while the village is overrun with Cainites. Vergara, Paco, and Elena must get their hands on those coins first, or else.

The Investigation (HBO, 10:00pm) — This Scandinavian limited drama series follows the real-life investigation into the 2017 murder of a Swedish journalist (Kim Wall) in what became one of Danish history’s most notorious criminal cases (aptly dubbed the “Submarine Case”). This is a homemade submarine (?), apparently, and the series hails from Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director Tobias Lindholm (A War, Mindhunter). This week, the forensic team may just find some conclusive evidence.

In case you missed these recent picks:

Judas and the Black Messiah (HBO Max movie) — This Awards-tipped movie can’t stop with the talent. Starring Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield, and Jesse Plemons, this film could be an awards contender. The story revolves around William O’Neal, who infiltrates the Black Panther Party in Illinois after being offered an FBI plea deal. His mission? To gather intelligence upon the head honcho, Chairman Fred Hampton.

Hip Hop Uncovered (Friday, FX 9:00 & 10:19 p.m.) — This six-part docuseries will air two episodes tonight. The first one introduces five contributors (Big U, Deb, Trick Trick, Bimmy and Haitian Jack), who are hip hop’s unsung legacies. We’ll see how the O.G.s learn to hustle to rise up and sharpen their collective business acumen while making a better life for their families.

Wandavision: Episode 6 (Disney+ series) — Halloween arrives in Westview, and there’s some suggestive Devil-related revelations that might change this whole show’s angle. We’ll have to wait and see how that plays out, but last week, Marvel fans were thrilled to tip their hats to Kevin Feige for what’s easily the best episode of the series so far. Watch out for that brutal Easter egg, though.