Here’s When You Can Expect Season 3 Of ‘All-American: Homecoming’ To Come Out

There was a point where fans of All-American: Homecoming were unsure if the show would have a third season. The series completed its second season in May without confirmation of a renewal and the wait for an answer began. Thankfully, fans didn’t have to wait too long as CW confirmed just a month later that there would indeed be a third season of All-American: Homecoming. The next question that’s left for fans to receive an answer to is when will the win season premiere? There isn’t a precise date yet, but we do have an expected time period that the new season will debut.

When Does All-American: Homecoming Season 3 Come Out?

Thanks to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter, we can expect the new season of All-American: Homecoming to arrive sometime in April along with the sixth season All-American. It’s expected that the new season will run from April into the summer, a schedule that’s similar to the one CW had when its shows returned from the pandemic.

There are a few changes in store for season three of All-American: Homecoming. First, the season has been reduced from 20 episodes to just 13, a change that was also put in place for the upcoming sixth season of All-American. Secondly, Peyton Alex Smith and Kelly Jenrette will not be series regulars for season three of All American: Homecoming.

Smith played the role of star baseball player Damon Sims, who was also a love interest of Simone Hicks (played by Geffri Hightower) while Jenrette Amara Patterson, Hicks’ aunt and the president of Bringston University. It’s likely that Smith and Jenrette will have recurring roles next season, but it remains to be seen what their roles will look like.

Lastly, Camille Hyde, who plays Thea Mays, remains undecided for season three as her status for the new round of episodes is unknown at the moment.