Here’s When You Can Expect Season 6 Of ‘All-American’ To Come Out

It’s been five months since season five of All-American came to a close. In a normal year, we’d be close to enjoying the show’s sixth season, but things are a bit different now. All-American was renewed for season six at the top of 2023, but the new season will not be the jam-packed 20-episode package that we’ve come to expect from the series over the past few years. A shake-up at CW, where All-American episodes air, caused a reduction in season six episodes which took it from 20 episodes to just, but when will those new episodes come out?

When Does All-American Season 6 Come Out?

In a new update from The Hollywood Reporter, CW is eyeing April 2024 for the premiere of All-American season six. It comes after production for the new season was paused due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes which is also why CW pushed back the season premieres of All-American, as well as All-American: Homecoming, back to 2024. Now that the WGA strike is over, script work for both shows can resume.

The new season of All-American will reportedly premiere in April 2024 and run through the summer which follows a similar schedule that CW put into use after the pandemic delayed multiple shows on the network.

‘All American’ season 5 is now available to stream on Netflix.