When Will ‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 3, Episode 9 Be On Hulu?

This season on Abbott Elementary, we’ve seen job changes, guest stars, and even a heated AI debate, so it’s hard to even imagine what they will come up with next. Perhaps they will incorporate the real-life union efforts of Philadelphia Public School teachers! Or they will bring The Phanatic in for a cameo. It could go either way. We probably won’t see Big Bird around campus any time soon, though.

Unfortunately, Abbott Elementary will be on an extended spring break for the next few weeks. Teachers need vacations too sometimes! There won’t be any new episodes until Wednesday, April 10th. The episode will arrive on Hulu around 3 a.m. on Thursday, April 11th.

Episode nine will be titled “Alex” and it seems like we’ll be getting some more screen time between Greggory and Janine. It’s what the fans want! Here is the official synopsis:

Jacob is shocked when he finds out his colleagues are not invested in his frequent email messages and haven’t even been writing their own replies. Meanwhile, Gregory turns to Janine for help with a former student.

After episode nine, there are only a handful of episodes left in season three. Luckily, the hit show has already been renewed for a fourth season after a nice long summer break!