There Are Two ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters Who Still Remain Unaccounted For This Season

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11.20.16 3 Comments


We are now through five episodes of the seventh season of The Walking Dead. There are only three more until the winter break. Through those five episodes, we have seen Negan kill Abraham and Glenn and break Rick; we have seen Negan attempt to break Daryl; we have seen Negan break Alexandria; and we have now seen Negan’s men humiliate Gregory and The Hilltop Colony. We have also spent some time in The Kingdom, where Carol and Morgan have relocated.

Everything that has happened this season has revolved around Negan and The Saviors. Even in The Kingdom, where we met Ezekiel and Jerry, the storyline intersected with The Kingdom’s arrangement with The Saviors.

In this week’s episode, we finally discover where Sasha and Maggie are. We even get to spend some time with Enid. Everyone is now accounted for in either Alexandra, the Savior compound, the Hilltop, or The Kingdom.

Except two characters.

Where the hell are Tara and Heath?

It has officially been nine episodes since we last saw Tara and Heath on The Walking Dead. In the 12th episode of the sixth season, the Alexandrians invade a Savior compound and murder a bunch of Negan’s men. At the end of the episode, Tara and Heath jump into an RV and go on a two-week supply run. That’s the last anyone has heard from them. There has been no mention of them on the series. Through all the chaos, and all the murder and mayhem Negan has wrought in the past five episodes, no one has stopped to say, “Hey! I wonder where Tara is? She’s going to be really bummed when she gets back and finds out her girlfriend is dead.”

Logistically, I understand the absence. The actors who play Tara and Heath have been busy. Alana Masterson (Tara) had a baby, although that baby is now old enough to drink out of her own The Walking Dead mug.

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