Daphne And Her Trainer May Share A Wild Connection On ‘The White Lotus’

The majority of the The White Lotus vacationers are somehow miserable in paradise, but the viewing experience is much more pleasurable. This week’s episode contained a number of salacious revelations toward the back end, and that’s a pretty awful game with words that I’m tossing out here. There’s possible incest on the loose involving a “naughty nephew,” and then there’s another Game of Thrones-style suggestion at hand.

In particular, people now wonder whether Daphne and Cameron’s children are even his, which means that Daphne might be pulling a Rhaenyra from House of the Dragon:

Daphne certainly stirred that pot, not too long after she made a confession to Harper: Daphne is well-aware of Cameron’s wandering eye and his consummation of such. As Daphne gushed about her personal trainer with gorgeous blonde hair and massive blue eyes, Daphne passed her phone to Harper, and there was a photo of her children. Harper was like, girl, did you mean to show me this photo, and Daphne knew exactly what she was doing. It’s no wonder that actress Meghann Fahy is out there telling people not to “underestimate” her character in the wake of this episode.

Yep, it sure looks like Daphne’s been getting hers for awhile, so it’s no wonder that she really doesn’t care that Cameron cheats like he’s drinking water. As a result, social media is loving this turn of events.


HBO’s The White Lotus airs on Sunday nights.