Who Will Pick Up The Sonic Screwdriver As The Next Doctor?

If you are a Doctor Who fan, then you have probably been following the news that next season, the revival’s 10th, is show runner Steven Moffat’s last helming the ship. If the rumors are true, then it may very well be Peter Capaldi’s final trip in the TARDIS as well. Moffat is leaving so he can more fully focus on Sherlock and his other projects, and Capaldi has hinted that he may want to take the same route in the near future. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Doctor has left the series at the same time as a show runner, as David Tennant did the same when Russell T. Davies departed. Three seasons isn’t exactly a short tenure for a Doctor, but Capaldi has been so incredible to this point that it will be sad to see him go.

If there does end up being a new Doctor after the 10th go-round of the new series, there have already been names tossed around that make perfect sense. Current Who guest star Maisie Williams suggested Luther star Idris Elba, and even offered herself up as a backup if he won’t do it. Another diverse choice would be Chiwetel Ejiofor, and who doesn’t want an Oscar nominee to step into the role? Of course, since Moffat has made a female Time Lord canon in the show’s universe now, there is a door open for a butt-kicking female star to take over, such as Agent Carter‘s Hayley Atwell. Check out the above video for a look at the most likely stars to take over, and get ready to root for your favorite man or woman in the running to snag one of the most coveted jobs in genre television. The choice might be a relative newcomer when the time actually comes, but that doesn’t make the speculation any less fun right now.