The New Voices For Rick And Morty Will Likely Be Revealed Very Soon

Rick and Morty fans are used to long waits between seasons. That’s not the case for season six, which wrapped up in December 2022, and season seven, which premieres next month, but there’s another source of anticipation.

Who will voice Rick and Morty?

Co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland is out after Adult Swim “ended its association” with him after he was charged with felony domestic violence (the charges were later dismissed). Everyone involved with the animated series has kept quiet about his replacement — or possibly replacements if Rick and Morty are voiced by two people. We will find out the answer soon, however.

The trailer for season seven of Rick and Morty will be released on Monday, September 25th. Unless every line is given to Jerry, which isn’t out of the possibility, that’s when we’ll hear the new voices for the first time. (On Solar Opposites, which was very good this season, Roiland was replaced by Dan Stevens.)

Earlier this year, Rick and Morty executive producer Steven Levy discussed the recasting. “We are closing in on the end of our process of the recast, but I do want to say it’s gonna be great,” he said. “I am thoroughly impressed with everything that’s going on, including all the work on season seven. Truly, that’s the thing I don’t want to be overshadowed. The show is as good as it’s ever been.”

Rick and Morty returns to Adult Swim on October 15th.