The ‘Will And Grace’ Revival Aims To Be As Good As Its Classic Years In This New Sneak Peek

NBC has been proudly trumpeting the return of its Must See TV era sitcom Will & Grace to its roster of active shows and you can understand why. The program raked in Emmys by the boatload, the chemistry between the quartet is undeniable and (quite frankly) the network hasn’t exactly been swimming in comedies that do well with critics and Nielsen audiences alike. (COULDA BEEN YOU, VERONICA’S CLOSET!)

The latest sneak peek at Will & Grace‘s revived form drives home that the return isn’t about reinventing the wheel, it’s about hanging out with some familiar characters from the ’00s and having a good time. Of course, you probably figured that approach out when they announced how the show’s addressing its finale.

Featuring a mixture of interview snippets, old clips and a dusting of new ones, it’s sort of strange to see such a late ’90s/early ’00s series through 2017 eyes. It’s not like this brand of sitcom no longer exists (see: the 50 Big Bang Theory reruns playing simultaneously on cable as we speak), but the presentation sorta does a number on the brain as a throwback when so many comedies have scrambled to avoid the multicamera format.

Megan Mullally offers up some rather glowing praise of the current incarnation in the preview.

“The episodes we’ve shot so far are just as good or better than anything we’ve done,” offers W&G‘s Karen Walker.

Viewers will an opportunity to gauge that claim on September 28 when Will & Grace unveils its season premiere. Speaking of which, here’s a glimpse at NBC’s crop of shows for the fall.