Is Carl’s Death The ‘Shocking Moment’ In ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale?

12.07.17 1 year ago 13 Comments

During the episode of The Talking Dead that aired after the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, Chris Hardwick teased that the 90-minute midseason finale would feature a huge “shocking moment,” and then double checked with producers to ensure that it wasn’t hyperbole. It’s not, he assured us. There will be a huge shocking moment in the episode, and while my money is on the death of Judith, others are concerned that it may be Carl Grimes.

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that Carl will die. There’s as much evidence to suggest that he won’t.

Let’s break it down:

The Midseason Finale Preview

“All we have to do is survive the night,” Carl says in the preview for the midseason finale. With Negan free of the zombies surrounding the Sanctuary, his first target will be Alexandria, where Carl has taken on a leadership role. It’s clear that Carl is in danger.

On the other hand, so is the rest of Alexandria, and this is exactly the sort of statement Carl would make to tease The Walking Dead fans into believing he’s on the chopping block. It could be Michonne, or Tara, or Rosita, or Judith, all of whom are also in Alexandria at the moment.

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