Will There Be A Season 4 Of ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan?’

(WARNING: Spoilers for Power Book III: Raising Kanan season three will be found below.)

If you’ve been a part of the Power Universe family since the original Power series, then you know that the show and its creators know how to end a season in epic fashion. That was exactly the case with the season three finale of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Following a season of terrorizing the Queens community, Ronnie was gunned down by Kanan in a setup between him and his mother Raq. As if that wasn’t enough, Raq also killed Detective Howard as he was approaching a decision to hand over Marvin to the authorities, along with himself, in order to protect Raq and Kanan.

Think we’re done? Nope. To further add to the drama, Unique, played by Joey Badass, also made a return to the show after it appeared that he was killed by Ronnie earlier in the season. It’s the dramatic ending that will give us plenty to anticipate in the future. Speaking of that, has Power Book III: Raising Kanan been renewed for season four?

Will There Be A Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 4?

Yes! Before the start of season three, STARZ announced that the show had been renewed for a fourth season. “We’re thrilled to continue Kanan Stark’s story, and for fans to see how the events of his formative adolescent years continue to mold him into the cold-hearted villain they were first introduced to in ‘Power,” Kathryn Busby, President of Original Programming for STARZ, said in a statement. “We are quite sure that after viewers see the battle lines being drawn between Raq and Kanan on this epic upcoming third season that they will demand more.”

Production for the fourth season began in November, so it shouldn’t be too long until we hear news of what’s to come in season four.

‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ season three is now streaming on STARZ.