Will There Be An ‘Abbott Elementary’ Season 4?

You need to go to at least a few years of elementary school before you can graduate to middle school, so obviously there needs to be at least a few more years of Abbott Elementary before we move on to learning geometry.

Season three of Abbott Elementary just finished airing, but with thanks to that finale moment, fans can’t wait for the story to pick back up. Luckily, ABC’s hit sitcom was renewed for a fourth season earlier this year, just days after season three premiered. And based on the finale, there is a lot that could happen in the next season!

At the end of season three, Janine and Gregory share a kiss, so could season four finally bring the two together? Possibly! Tyler James Williams, who plays Gregory, told Decider, “I think the biggest tease I can give you is this isn’t an answer. This actually brings up more questions. I think people initially are going to see it as an answer. But when you really sit down and think about it, we have to explore all of these questions. And this isn’t a definitive. The show doesn’t stop here. If anything, it feels like it just got started,” the former Sesame Street star said.

Creator Quinta Brunson has no plans to stop the Abbott train anytime soon. Inna roundtable interview, she told The Hollywood Reporter, “Abbott is what people know me for, which I’m grateful for, but I’m also dealing with what that means. Because I think there’s a sense of responsibility that comes with it and continuing to keep this ship going. And I want to be able to retire my whole cast. I want it to go on for a long time,” she concluded. Hopefully there will be enough time to bring Big Bird on set to reunite with Williams.

Abbott Elementary is currently streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.