The Funniest Moments From The First Season Of ‘Wrecked’ So Far

Enjoying the sun on a desert island sounds like a fun vacation; being stranded on a desert island not so much. But as we’ve learned, the setting makes for great comedy, and the tradition continues with Wrecked. Let’s look back on some of the funniest moments so far.

We opened with Owen, who’s not the biggest people person.

And Danny, who is way too much of one.

Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario happened…

With the plane crashing on a Pacific island, passengers were shell-shocked, or worse.

Luckily there was one glimmer of hope, and his name was Liam.

But even he couldn’t save everyone… though he tried.

… before getting squished by the nose of the plane.

The survivors didn’t take it well…

… but they got over it the only way possible.

Which is all well and fun until the corpses start showing up.

It turns out saying goodbye to the deceased on an island can be… messy.

Meanwhile poor Pak just wants his efforts to count.

And they do when he finds an abandoned DVD player. The island gang got a one-time viewing of crazy comedy Dumb and Dumber To, or… Selma, the critically acclaimed civil-rights drama.

The guys also found a mystery box full of, well, mystery.

However, there was a perfectly reasonable explanation.

And that led to a moment of honesty.

What does the future hold for our island crew? You can find out by watching Wrecked on TBS Tuesdays at 10/9c.