Stalker Joe Is Scared Sh*tless (Finally!) In The ‘You’ Season 3 Trailer

Nothing says (twisted) family bonding like two parents digging a grave for their murder victims while an infant sits in his car seat and does his best to amuse himself. Yikes.

Netflix’s You fast approaches with Season 3, and from the looks of things, it somehow manages to sustain its own gimmick after a second season of barely containing its own crazy (and careening off a cliff). Near the end of that sophomore round, Stalker Joe (Penn Badgley) found himself trapped in a relationship with a woman, Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), who’s just as homicidal (if not more) as he is. Naturally, it seemed that Joe didn’t quite learn his lesson by the end of the season, and we saw him noticing that he’s got an attractive neighbor that perhaps he might stalk. This sounds like a good time for the ghost of Beck to deliver a lecture, and who knows what shall happen there, but in Netflix’s freshly released Season 3 trailer, Joe appears to be scared out of his mind.

Love definitely has the upper hand. From the synopsis:

In Season 3, Joe and Love, now married and raising their baby, have moved to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda, where they’re surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers. Joe is committed to his new role as a husband and dad but fears Love’s lethal impulsiveness. And then there’s his heart. Could the woman he’s been searching for all this time live right next door? Breaking out of a cage in a basement is one thing. But the prison of a picture-perfect marriage to a woman who’s wise to your tricks? Well, that’ll prove a much more complicated escape.

You previously revealed in a teaser that Joe’s awfully nervous that his kid will follow in his parents’ footsteps. From the vibe of Showtime’s newest Dexter trailer, it’s a theme that might rule fall TV, even though Joe’s kid is too young to wreak havoc just yet. [Looks out the window, and whew, no crazy baby out there yet.]

You kills again on October 15th, 2021.