The ‘You’ Season 4 Trailer Suggests That Someone Is Turning The Tables On Stalker Joe And His Newfound Beard

Joe Goldberg has a new life and a new beard, but that doesn’t mean that he can quit his stalker ways. Someone’s onto him.

That’s the vibe on display in the trailer for You Season 4. The Penn Badgley-starring series brings back Netflix’s disturbingly popular (even to Badgley himself) serial killer, who has traded out identities over the seasons, but he always stays loyal to his greatest love of all: books. This time around, he’s moved to England, where he’s adopted a new title, Jonathan Moore, and he’s somehow become a professor.

That’s right, Badgley will soon be staring into the souls of unsuspecting college students and those whose adult lives also involve academia. Penn Badgley previously admitted to feeling “icky” about how intense Joe looks in a poster, yet as this trailer shows, not everyone is unaware of his tricks. In fact, he’s got a stalker of his own. Who could it be? Well, he’s killed Love and Beck and Benji and several other people. Tati Gabrielle’s Marienne is shown in the trailer looking afraid of him, so that probably rules her out, but someone is messing with Joe and knows what he’s done. From the season synopsis:

After his previous life went up in flames, Joe Goldberg has fled to Europe to escape his “messy” past, adopt a new identity, and, of course, to pursue true love. But Joe soon finds himself in the strange new role of reluctant detective as he discovers he may not be the only killer in London. Now, his future depends on identifying and stopping whoever’s targeting his new friend group of uber-wealthy socialites…

He may also now be obsessed with a new character played by Charlotte Ritchie, so yep, Joe will never change. A new poster continues to provide teasers with this Twitter caption from Netflix: “There’s an imposter among us.”

You returns on February 9.