Zac Efron Wowed Tom Cruise With His Impressive Pole Dancing Skills On ‘Graham Norton’

It’s not easy being a hunk. Folks want to grab on your muscles, run their fingers through your hair and have you pole dance on command. (I have no idea how Nick Nolte does it!) On the latest edition of The Graham Norton Show, the reliably hunky Zac Efron was nudged to showcase how he can work a pole (ahem) to the delight of Norton and guests Tom Cruise and Annabelle Wallis.

At the pressing of Norton, Efron showed that pics of him going full horizontal on a pole aren’t the product of any technological shenanigans. Electing to keep his shirt on for the demonstration, a stripper pole did indeed get the Zac being a muscly strong dude treatment. Heck, he makes it look so easy that it’s almost dangerous Show this clip to someone that’s tipped back a few too many and they’ll turn into a quickly injured mess trying to recreate it.

Cruise, who knows a thing or two about hunkdom and doing your own stunts, also received a heap of praise from Efron for his work as an actor and an action star.

“The one thing that you consistently do that is magnificent is maintain a character with an arc all the way through a film,” gushed Efron. “And I learn from you every single time I watch a movie.”

Naturally, Efron’s kind words set up the High School Musical alum for a lovely lil’ recreation of an iconic Top Gun scene.

Who knows? Maybe if they team for Top Gun 2 (sorry, Top Gun: Maverick) Efron can figure out a way to showcase more of his core strength skills in a sweet beach volleyball scene. Make it happen, shadowy Hollywood leaders!