Zendaya Is Not Pregnant, And She Feels The Same About Twitter As The Rest Of Us

TikTok conspiracies sometimes make their way over to Twitter, but by then, whatever the rumor or theory was, it’s mostly debunked. But every once in a while, a quick viral video will slip through the cracks, leading everyone on Twitter to believe something ridiculous. This time, Zendaya was caught in the mix.

A new trend of TikTok is to post something fake then add Kris Jenner laughing at the end, saying ‘You’ve just been Krised!” as if it was the Rick Rolling of the 2020s. One post went off the rails, claiming that Zendaya and Spider-man co-star/ boyfriend Tom Holland were expecting a child, and Zendaya is not having it.

After noticing that she was trending on Twitter, the Euphoria actress took to her Instagram stories (via Page Six) to clear the air: “See now, this is why I stay off Twitter…Just making stuff up for no reason…weekly.” She ranted on her stories. The actress then shared a new photo of her on-set of her new tennis movie Challengers. We should all take Zendaya’s advice and stay off Twitter!

This isn’t the first time baby rumors have followed the couple: last year, Holland said he wants to be a dad and the internet exploded. Will people at least wait until the duo stops portraying high school kids before assuming they are parents!

(Via Page Six)